What Is “Staging” And Why Should You Stage Your Home When Selling?

Most of us spend some time watching HGTV and they frequently stage homes to put them on the market.  There are many different versions of staging that can be offered when you hire an agent to sell your home.  Read more…

Colorado Springs, CO  April, 2018
  • Some agents don’t believe that staging is valuable.
  • Some agents will recommend a stager to meet with you for a consultation only.  
  • Other agents consider staging to be such a valuable component of marketing your home that they will provide and pay for that service as part of their marketing.  

I am one of those agents that believe that staging is a great benefit to my sellers, so I have every home staged and I invest in that marketing tool up front before the home goes on the market.

You’ve heard the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”.  Well, staging is just one part of that “first impression”. Staging your home is the opposite of decorating your home. When you decorate, you showcase your personality.  A professionally staged home de-personalizes the space to appeal to a broader range of buyers. We accent it with touches of color and flavor that will appeal to a wide range of people.  The “pops of color” will also make your home more memorable from all the other homes the buyers are touring.

Most buyers have a hard time imagining themselves in a space without some help. Staging a home is designed to:

  • Show the home at it’s best so that it also photographs it’s best.
  • Present it in an uncluttered manner that emphasizes the property and not the possessions.
  • Maximize the use and perception of the spaces
  • Draw attention to great features of the home
  • Leave a positive, lasting impression on buyers
  • Get you a higher price in a shorter time by appealing to a larger group of buyers.

Buyers perception of a staged home is that it is worth more than a vacant or unstaged home and are willing to pay for that perception. Staging can take a nice house and make it extraordinary. It can take an average house and make it exceptional.  Staged can overcome other imperfections that a home may have.

  • A 2017 survey by the Real Estate Staging Association found that professionally staged homes spent 73% less time on the market.
  • In a 2017 NAR survey, 40% more buyers are willing to visit a home if it has been staged.
  • 50% of listing agents said that staging raises buyer’s offers above those of similar unstaged homes

My 25 years experience has shown professionally staging and photographed homes maximize the sales price and minimize the number of days on the market. Pre-inspection, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, decluttering and pre-packing are part of the staging and preparation process.

Home buyers shop online before they ever enter the physical market.  In a buyer’s market, even in a hot seller’s market like we’re in today, buyers make decisions on which homes they’re going to tour based on location, condition, price, and a property’s appearance online. The more buyers like your online presence, the more buyers will tour your home in person which means more opportunity to find the RIGHT BUYER for your home!